Ball of Wax set to blaze again (Fri 1 Jul with special 1am licence)

ball of wax
noun, Informal, idiomatic, slang.
1. A haphazard jumble of related issues or items brought together all at once, in the manner of rolling around a sticky ball of wax to collect small bits of assorted debris.
2. Everything of a similar or related nature; everything necessary for a particular purpose. We’ve got artists, DJs, performers, music, drinks, decor and an eccentric host— the whole ball of wax.
3. A new monthly performance party at the Hare Hole bringing together an eclectic group of performers and artists to raise money to improve the venue.
4. Everything.

What is Ball of Wax?

Ball of Wax is a new monthly performance and art party at the Hare Hole. Conceived and hosted by Mikey J White as a fundraiser event to improve the venue, it will bring together Melbourne’s top performers and artists from different genres and roll them all up into one big eclectic ball of wax.

Hares & Hyenas has been approved for an extended 1am liquor licence for these nights and the Hare Hole will be transformed into an other-worldly art paradise with video projections, live art displays and performances throughout the night… encouraging people to drink up and share their generosity through other fundraising initiatives, raffles and games.

The first Ball of Wax was a fiery success with a superb line-up of performers and talented DJs. We promise you a similarly stellar group for the next one. Line-up announced this weekend. Watch this space.