Ball of Wax 4 Line Up Announced!

21/08/2016 admin 0

Host – Mikey J White DJ – Gavin Campbell + Special Guest DJ Performers – Maude Davey, Anna Lumb, Glitterfist, Kiarash Zangeneh, Jack Beeby (Six Inches Uncut), Heart Swell Cupboard Under The Stairs – Storven Visual Artists – Mel Simpson, Steven Tr …

Ball of Wax set to blaze again (Fri 1 Jul with special 1am licence)

16/06/2016 admin 0

ball of wax noun, Informal, idiomatic, slang. 1. A haphazard jumble of related issues or items brought together all at once, in the manner of rolling around a sticky ball of wax to collect small bits of assorted debris. 2. Everything of a similar or related nature; everything …