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What wheels suit a ford ranger

The rims that suit a Ford Ranger will be the ones that fit the factory alloy wheels on a standard 2WD or 4WD model. This means a range of sizes from 16 to 17 inches.

Many aftermarket wheels also fit, but you need to make sure they are 5-lug and will fit your particular engine – fits the EFI engine maybe doesn’t fit the ED Falcon six-cylinder, for example).

Possible wheel brands include:

a) OZ Racing b) ROH c) Rotary d) Xenon e) Fondmetal f) Yoko g) Dragstar h) Borbet i) Nismo j) ADVAN Racing k) WedsSport l ) Dazz m ) West l ) OE Wheels n) SSR o) NFS Performance

a) OZ Racing – available in sizes 16, 17 and 18 inches. Some models are OE for some Ford models, e.g. they come with the XR6 Turbo alloy wheel as standard (also fits Holden Commodore SS). Other models come with a five split-spoke, or ten-spoke, polished finish (looks like chrome). No other brands mentioned specifically below can be guaranteed to suit, but any of the following will fit too: Rotary, Xenon, Fondmetal, Yoko, Borbet etc.

b) ROH – available in sizes 16″x 7″, 17″ x 7″, 17″ x 8″, 19 “x 8″. Two finishes available: Diamond Cut and Black Chrome Finish.

c) Rotary – available in sizes 16″x 7″, 17″ x 7″, 17″ x 8”. Three finishes: Machine, Polished or ‘Gloss’.

d) Xenon – three models only – BMW style with a square centre cap in polished aluminium. All have black painted insides and a mirror face in the centre, which adds about 3cm extra diameter to the wheel. The larger BMW style alloy rim has four split-spoke designs for improved brake cooling airflow. Also, the latest models have a bevelled lip around the outside edge of the …

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Do vending machines make money in Perth?

Do vending machines make money in Perth?

The answer to this question is yes. A well-maintained vending machine can generate profits for the owner, but it’s important to understand that vending machines are generally considered an expensive investment that need regular maintenance costs if they are to be profitable over time. One of the most common questions we hear from potential business owners is: ‘do vending machines make money in Perth?’ Well, we’ve put together a list of some of the top-performing and highest-earning vending machine types on our network and what these machines make on average per year. We’ve even got some handy insight into the city you’ll find your best chance of finding them – more about that later. So let’s get started!

What are the highest-earning types of machines?

You may have heard that gumball machines are one of the most profitable types, but there’s also a common misconception that snack and soft drink machines are less likely to make profits on their own. This is actually not true! Snack and soft drink machines on average earn more profit than gumball or candy machines on our network by about $40 each year, so it pays to research your options before committing to an investment.

There are many different types of the vending machine makes and models available for purchase – some offer lower prices per item sold while others charge higher commissions per item sold. If you’re looking at starting a new vending business then you’ll want to choose a model that will earn you the highest profit, so it’s helpful to take a look at our list of the best performing machines over the last 12 months:

So, do vending machines make money in Perth? Although there are certain costs associated with starting a new vending …

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Things to Look in A Business Accountant

If you are an owner of a small business with limited space, staff, and sales revenues, then it is very possible that you will do everything to make your firm profitable. In most countries, there are more small-scale businesses than large-scale businesses. If you want your company to give you profits, then you should make sure that your accounting is done properly. If you have proper accounting details, then you may be able to see if the expense exceeds the limit and many other things. In some cases, business accounting is done by the business owner himself. There are chances of doing accounting wrong if it is done without a proper accountant.


One of the best ways to maintain accounts is to hire the best business accountants in Melbourne. Accounting is a very important part of the business. If the day-to-day accounting is not done properly, then there are chances that your company will be penalized by the government for non-payment or late payment of taxes. Your company can also be penalized for minute computation errors in tax dues. If you hire the best business accountants, then you can keep a proper focus on running the company instead of doing the accounting works. If you are on a quest to find the best business accountants for your business, then you should follow the below-mentioned points.

Experience – It is one of the most important qualities that you should look for in a business accountant. You should make sure that the accountant has at least 5 years of work experience. Hiring an inexperienced accountant can negatively impact your company.

Price – Like other factors, it is also important that you consider the fees of the accountant. If you do not have a well-established big business, then you should not …

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Top Uses of a Vibration Detection Sensor

A vibration detection sensor is a device used to measure the frequency and amount of vibration in any system, piece of equipment, or machine. The measurements are used to detect the imbalances or other problems in the equipment and predict any future breakdowns.

But why is a vibration detection sensor required? A vibration detection sensor plays a pivotal role in the machines. A business that uses very heavy equipment in its daily operations can highly benefit from these vibration sensors. Therefore, what can a vibration detection sensor do? Continue reading to find out.


What a Vibration Detection Sensor Can Do

The use of vibration detection systems allows a complete spectral analysis of vibrations on an equipment. This makes it possible to identify virtually any defect of the whole structure and its elements separately. Here are some of the things a vibration detection sensor can do;

  1. Knows the Cause of Damage

When equipment starts to show the signs of wear, the vibration detection sensor may help know the real cause of the issue. When the vibrations are monitored in equipment, you will know the root cause of damages.

  1. Monitoring the Repairs

Vibration monitoring is ideal for monitoring any repairs to be made. When you connect the vibration detector sensor to a CMMS system, you will track the data on vibration in real-time. Once you notice the high levels of vibration in the data, it is high time you perform the repair work on the equipment.

  1. Keeping the Equipment’s Overall Health Check

Monitoring the condition of your equipment relies on vibration sensors. When you properly monitor the equipment’s vibration data, you will see how it is performing.

How the Vibration Detection sensors Work

A vibration detection sensor can connect directly to the car or monitor it wirelessly. After being placed, it

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What Is An Upright Freezer

A refrigerator freeze may provide ample space for storing frozen food for a small family. But if your family is big or you need more space to store food items and other things in your freezer, then it will be best to invest in an upright freezer. They are quite convenient and can even save you money in the long run. Having sufficient freezer storage will provide you to take advantage of bulk frozen seasonal fruits and jams, food special, as well as special event and everyday baking, make-ahead meals, large meat or wild game orders. To know more about upright freezer, do give this article a read.


Key features


Upright freezers from Nova Chill.Upright freezer comes with selves and other storage features. So, you will be able to organize your frozen foods better. It will be easier for you to rotate and monitor contents to keep frozen foods current. They come in many different models which have versatile storage system with removable and adjustable door storage bins, adjusting shelving, sliding, and pull-out bins or baskets. All these features add to the ease of storing and sorting contents. Normally, it won’t fit a large turkey. But if you remove a shelf then it can accommodate it with ease.




The design is simple. The design is based on a standard refrigerator. So, there will be a single front panel door which opens just like a refrigerator. They come in different sizes as well. You can buy an upright freezer that is as tall as your standard refrigerator. It comes in different colors as well. So, you will have to option to choose according to the décor of the room you are planning to keep the upright freezer in. It will seamlessly integrate into different high-traffic

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Where to buy PVC pipe Australia

Polyvinyl chloride also known as PVC is a vinyl polymer or thermoplastic polymer. PVC is widely used in the construction industry because they are durable, cheap and very easy to assemble. The best thing about PVC is that they don’t rot, rust or wear overtime. Due to this reason, PVC pipes are very commonly used in the water systems, sewer lines, underground wiring and several other areas. The smooth surface of PVC pipes is also resistant to the bacterial contamination and because of this many water companies have been relying upon these kinds of pipes to keep their systems free of contamination. If you are wondering where to buy PVC pipe Australia then you need to know that they are easily available at many stores all over Australia. If you don’t find them at any stores near you or you want to buy them at the comfort of your home then you don’t need to worry as they are available online too. There are many online stores in Australia that sells a wide range of good quality PVC pipes. Moreover, you would get them online at the best prices as there are no middle men involved.

Now that you know where to buy PVC pipe Australia, you need to ensure that you only buy them from reputed online stores. Though you would get a wide range of PVC pipes at the best prices at many online stores, however, only the reputed ones are going to provide you best quality PVC pipes at the best prices. So, you need to ensure that you are buying them from a reputed online store. Before buying PVC pipes online, you need to take out some time to read some reviews. You would easily get many reviews online. After reading some reviews, you would be …

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Is barley good for horses- Know its benefits for horse feed?

Owning a horse is a matter of great responsibility and you will need to pay special attention to the food of your horse so that it will remain fit and healthy. Since the food constitutes a major portion of the ownership, you will need to make sure to choose the food carefully. There are different food items that you can feed your horse but the most important food is the grains as it helps your horse to get the right among of nutrition. Among the different kind of grains, you should consider giving barley to the horse because it is full of many minerals, vitamins and nutrients. But before you opt for this food item, you will need to find out is barley good for horses for making sure that you are giving the best food to your horse. Additionally, adding barley to their feed will help them to stay healthy and hence you should put in efforts for giving a balanced diet to your horse. There may be many kinds of traditional feeds for horses that can be used but the most popular and affordable is barley.



Barley is excellent for your horses because it is the most digestible grain that is known to take an important part of the horse diets. This is especially used in pre mixed horse feeds that can be procured easily as barley is grown in every part of the world. The feeding value of barley is 95% more than the corn so that your horse will get higher fiber content that is needed for enhanced performance of the horses. Barley is not responsible for triggering hot behavior in horses and hence you can use them for becoming an important part of the horse feed. Barley is also known as the most

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Where to Find Fuel Trailer Hire in Australia

There are times when we need to know where to find fuel trailer hire in Australia. The answer is online as there are a lot of websites that provide this service. Some good examples are Fuel Fix and Raw Hire. Better contact them right now so that you will know where they are located. It would be best to proceed to the one nearest to you so that you can check out the condition of the fuel trailer that you will be using. The last thing you would want to happen would be to encounter a problem when you are in the middle of nowhere. When that happens, the only person you can blame is yourself because you were not able to prepare for something like that. Even if you know the basics of car trouble, you would still be wasting time. It would be better to be safe than sorry. Besides, they have different fuel trailer models that would suit your needs.

You can expect different pictures of the fuel trailers to be upon their website so that you will be able to see what they look like. It is like a clear preview of what you are going to get when you finally get to drive those vehicles. It is a good thing they have a dedicated team of customer service representatives who would want nothing more than to attend to your questions about the trailers. When the vehicle is that big, you know you will have a ton of questions about it and that is when you would want to spill the beans when it comes to getting the most out of your money. One of the things you should ask about is the service history as you will want to make sure that it is regularly …

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Where to Buy Vf Holden Commodore Rims Australia

There are a lot of places that sell rims so you are going to be confused as to where you would buy the one that you need. It is all about being patient as you would want to get high-quality products so you won’t need to have it repaired over and over again. You are going to ask a lot of people where to buy Vf Holden Commodore rims Australia and they will call you the same thing and that is to get you at Ozzy Tyres. Besides, they have satisfying customers for a pretty long time so it is doubtful they will not put a smile on your face. Their rims are made out of premium materials as they are not the type of people who would settle for something that is not good since they know their reputation is on the line. They would want to climb to the top of the mountain and never let go of that brass ring. It is doubtful anyone would be able to live up to the hype like they did and they have yet to disappoint. Rims are going to make your wheels look a lot nicer than it does so there is a reason why there are so many interested buyers.

Ozzy Tyres has a huge selection of VF Holden’s best Commodore wheels and rims so you must take your time in choosing the one that would fit your wheels the most. If you are having a hard time, there is always the option of consulting with other people who are involved with the company as they would love to help in any way that they can. Also, better know the limits of your budget as all your choices will have different prices so select the one that will fit …

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Benefits of A Vegan Wallet

These days, people are becoming more careful about the things they eat and use in their day-to-day life. Most of them are becoming vegan to support against cruelty on animals. At present many people have started eating foods and products that are free from body parts of animals. Similarly, they have started using a number fo stylish items that are not produced from the parts of the body of animals like items made from vegan leather such as vegan handbags, vegan shoes, vegan jackets, and vegan wallets, etc.


There are several benefits of a vegan wallet like:


Economical: Many companies manufacture vegan wallets by using vegan leather. In this way, they save a lot of money required to produce and treat real leather. This makes vegan wallets more economical than real leather wallets. In fact, the cost of real leather is very when you calculate the cost of growing animals and extracting leather from them. On the other hand, it is very cost-effective and easier to manufacture vegan leather.


Animal-friendly product: When no part of the body of animals is used in making vegan wallets then it is an animal-friendly product. They are made from vegan leather which is absolutely free from animal parts and friendly to nature.


Aesthetics: The production of the products made from vegan leather is made under a controlled environment, according to various studies on the advancement of the industry of vegan leather products. They can make various types of products of their choice from vegan leather. They take care of the aesthetics and beauty of the vegan wallets even while producing them at mass scale.


Durability: Vegan cork wallets are more durable than the wallets made from genuine leather because vegan leather is resistant to stains

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