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Is barley good for horses- Know its benefits for horse feed?

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Owning a horse is a matter of great responsibility and you will need to pay special attention to the food of your horse so that it will remain fit and healthy. Since the food constitutes a major portion of the ownership, you will need to make sure to choose the food carefully. There are different food items that you can feed your horse but the most important food is the grains as it helps your horse to get the right among of nutrition. Among the different kind of grains, you should consider giving barley to the horse because it is full of many minerals, vitamins and nutrients. But before you opt for this food item, you will need to find out is barley good for horses for making sure that you are giving the best food to your horse. Additionally, adding barley to their feed will help them to stay healthy and hence you should put in efforts for giving a balanced diet to your horse. There may be many kinds of traditional feeds for horses that can be used but the most popular and affordable is barley.



Barley is excellent for your horses because it is the most digestible grain that is known to take an important part of the horse diets. This is especially used in pre mixed horse feeds that can be procured easily as barley is grown in every part of the world. The feeding value of barley is 95% more than the corn so that your horse will get higher fiber content that is needed for enhanced performance of the horses. Barley is not responsible for triggering hot behavior in horses and hence you can use them for becoming an important part of the horse feed. Barley is also known as the most popular energy source for horses as it has higher starch and fiber content as compared to corn and oats. It is also a nutritious and palatable grain for horses that should not fed whole but it should be given in different other manners. These includes boiled, flaked, steamed, cut, rolled or cracked so that the horse can consume barley easily without any issues. Along with elevating the energy level, barley is also known to increase the digestive efficiency in horses. You should never give uncooked barley for horses because it can make the horse to put in a lot of weight.



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