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Top Uses of a Vibration Detection Sensor

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A vibration detection sensor is a device used to measure the frequency and amount of vibration in any system, piece of equipment, or machine. The measurements are used to detect the imbalances or other problems in the equipment and predict any future breakdowns.

But why is a vibration detection sensor required? A vibration detection sensor plays a pivotal role in the machines. A business that uses very heavy equipment in its daily operations can highly benefit from these vibration sensors. Therefore, what can a vibration detection sensor do? Continue reading to find out.


What a Vibration Detection Sensor Can Do

The use of vibration detection systems allows a complete spectral analysis of vibrations on an equipment. This makes it possible to identify virtually any defect of the whole structure and its elements separately. Here are some of the things a vibration detection sensor can do;

  1. Knows the Cause of Damage

When equipment starts to show the signs of wear, the vibration detection sensor may help know the real cause of the issue. When the vibrations are monitored in equipment, you will know the root cause of damages.

  1. Monitoring the Repairs

Vibration monitoring is ideal for monitoring any repairs to be made. When you connect the vibration detector sensor to a CMMS system, you will track the data on vibration in real-time. Once you notice the high levels of vibration in the data, it is high time you perform the repair work on the equipment.

  1. Keeping the Equipment’s Overall Health Check

Monitoring the condition of your equipment relies on vibration sensors. When you properly monitor the equipment’s vibration data, you will see how it is performing.

How the Vibration Detection sensors Work

A vibration detection sensor can connect directly to the car or monitor it wirelessly. After being placed, it detects the vibrations from the equipment through several means, depending on the sensor types. You will likely get two types of data which are frequency and intensity.

1. Frequency- This is how often the vibration happens. You will know the root causes by tracking when the vibration spikes happen in a car.


  1. Intensity- The more vibration you get from a car, the higher the intensity measurements.

When these two types of data are gathered, the CMMS will log them in car history and can be used for comparison.

Vibration detection sensors are divided according to purpose and functionality. Thus, one can distinguish sensors for vibration monitoring and sensors for vibration analysis. Vibration sensors are used to measure the vibration level of working equipment, transmit measurement data to remote devices, and, in some cases, display the vibration value at the installation site.

Final Thoughts

It is indeed true that vibration detection sensors are essential elements for day-day activities. They enable equipment to run smoothly since all the problems will be detected before the total breakdown happens. This guide highlights the main things a vibration detection sensor can do. Thus, it is imperative to have the sensors installed in your equipment.

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