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What Is An Upright Freezer

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A refrigerator freeze may provide ample space for storing frozen food for a small family. But if your family is big or you need more space to store food items and other things in your freezer, then it will be best to invest in an upright freezer. They are quite convenient and can even save you money in the long run. Having sufficient freezer storage will provide you to take advantage of bulk frozen seasonal fruits and jams, food special, as well as special event and everyday baking, make-ahead meals, large meat or wild game orders. To know more about upright freezer, do give this article a read.


Key features


Upright freezers from Nova Chill.Upright freezer comes with selves and other storage features. So, you will be able to organize your frozen foods better. It will be easier for you to rotate and monitor contents to keep frozen foods current. They come in many different models which have versatile storage system with removable and adjustable door storage bins, adjusting shelving, sliding, and pull-out bins or baskets. All these features add to the ease of storing and sorting contents. Normally, it won’t fit a large turkey. But if you remove a shelf then it can accommodate it with ease.




The design is simple. The design is based on a standard refrigerator. So, there will be a single front panel door which opens just like a refrigerator. They come in different sizes as well. You can buy an upright freezer that is as tall as your standard refrigerator. It comes in different colors as well. So, you will have to option to choose according to the décor of the room you are planning to keep the upright freezer in. It will seamlessly integrate into different high-traffic living space or your kitchen.




They are sold in 5 to 25 cubic foot size. So, you have the option to buy according to your needs, space available and food consumption.




It is very easy to install an upright freezer. Compared to other types of freezer like chest freezer, this one has a smaller footprint. When setting up the upright freezer you need to take into consideration location quite carefully. It will require room for width as well as height. It will also require room for door swing space.


Energy Use


If you opt for an upright freezer that does not come with a self-defrost feature, then the energy consumption won’t be too much. However, if you want to buy one that has self-defrost, know that it will cost you extra. Besides, it will use more energy. However, having this feature is quite convenient. Those extra cost will be worth it. It also comes with auto-defrost option. It works just like the auto-defrost option you have in standard refrigerator. It cycles the on/off feature to keep the freezer free from ice build-up. They do not use much energy.




The automatic heating elements that constantly cycle on and off can wear down the upright freezer over time. Nevertheless, it is designed to last for a very long time.


There you have it, these was some important things that you needed to know about upright freezer. Beside these, it comes with many other advantages and disadvantages. If you are thinking of buying one, do weigh out the pros and cons to make the right purchasing decision.



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